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Grasp Your Potential in the Digital Age

   We are an interdisciplinary research group working on human-computer interaction (HCI), multimodal interfaces, image processing, and artificial intelligence (AI). We always provide an open environment and are actively involved in research projects in industry, academia, and the community.

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News & Updates

Oct 01, 2022: Our spherical display was on exhibit at the KITAKAMI KANEGASEKI TECHNO MESSE 2022!

Feb 01, 2021: Our spherical display has its own HP

Our Reseach

Discover Our Studies

   We welcome everyone who is interested in our research topics as a member of our lab. Like "seeing is believing, believing is knowing, knowing is not knowing, and knowing is not knowing" (Thomas Fuller), we work hard to create new things that are not often possible in a small laboratory. Apart from studying, our members also interact with each other at various laboratory events and at camps held during summer and winter breaks.

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The Sphericul

Kunohe Castle in VR

1. Media Arts & 3D Displays

   Back in 2013, Prima Lab's predecessor, the Human Interface Lab (hilab), has been working a lot with OpenCV, Unity, and sensor fusion. As the research interests shifted from 2D to 3D, we also began to create innovative 3D displays. The results of this research include 3D spherical displays, polyhedral displays, and light field displays. As contents, there are various simulators for cars, agricultural machines, and games.